3:54am 05-14-2022
Hi!!! I love how your site looks! It's so clean and I love all the pink! ^u^
11:40pm 05-12-2022
so cute!!!
9:03am 05-09-2022
Marco Espinoza
Love the early 2000s web aesthetic!!!!!!!!!
3:14am 05-07-2022
arthur (vangoggles)
hi reb, i love how you hyperlink your graphics back to their sources.
thanks so much for sharing my button, if you have one i would very much like to link back to you as well. i look forward to seeing your site grow!
10:03pm 05-06-2022
hi reb you have a very nice site
i had to do a captcha for this thats how determined i am to leave a nice comment lol
7:26pm 05-06-2022
Hello! I'm from the site Welcome to Forever Home. I noticed you followed my site! Thank you!
I absolutely adore your site, it's so cute!!! <3
Don't forget to take breaks when coding n' whatnot! I believe in you.